1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster
No longer Available

Location: Cincinnati, OH
VIN #:A4548350
Engine:40HP 4 Cyl
Transmission:3-Speed Manual

If you could have any body style of the Model A Ford, what would you choose?

Among Model A Ford enthusiasts, the choice would likely be the 1930 – 1931 Deluxe Roadster! The Town Car and Deluxe Phaeton are favorites of some, but for sheer sportiness and driving enjoyment, none matches the Deluxe Roadster of 1930 – 1931. It is a car of classy lines and sparkle.

The Deluxe Roadster was announced in late July 1930 and reached the dealers in August 1930. It was the beginning of the Great Depression and Chevrolet and Plymouth were outselling Ford. Henry responded in 1930 and 1931 by introducing several deluxe models including the Deluxe Roadster. It was styled as a “sporty” automobile, and this image was stressed in Ford Advertising. Young men and women attired in the current fashions were pictured stepping into their Deluxe Roadster (top down, windshield folded) at the golf course or yacht harbor. In 1931 the price was reduced from $520 to $475 and the luggage rack and rear straight bumper were sold as accessories and side mount spare tire was moved to the rear like most other Model A’s. Ford production in 1931 was half of what it was in 1930, yet 56,702 Deluxe Roadsters were produced (90% of all the Ford roadsters produced in 1931) largely due to the attractive price and sporty appeal. The Deluxe Roadster climbed to 10.2% of total Ford production in 1931.

During the Model A years, 1929 to 1931, there were 32 assembly plants throughout the US. The primary production and assembly plant was the Rouge Plant in Dearborn, MI. “Knocked-down” unpainted bodies and parts for assembly were shipped to the various assembly plants in freight cars from Dearborn. Assembly Plant letter codes and numbers were stamped on the front cross-member of the body (was not uniformly followed at all plants). With this information, it is possible to identify the original assembly plant for a specific car. The engine number is used in determining the month of manufacture. When the engine was fitted to the frame, the engine number was stamped on the left frame side rail near the cowl.

This 1931 Ford Deluxe Roadster (40B), VIN A4548350, was assembled at the Cincinnati, OH Ford Plant in April 1931. Finished in Stone Brown with Stone Deep Gray trim on raised molding and belt rail, the Wheels and pinstripe are Tacoma Cream. Front and rear fenders, front splash shield, running board shields are Black. The Top is Olive Drab (stay fast fabric) and Tan Drab on interior. Front seat two tone Tan Bedouin Grain leather, and rumble seat and trim panels two tone Tan Bedouin Grain artificial leather. Correct Goodyear 4.50-19 black wall tires with the unique 1931 silver stripe and blue/yellow colored flag. Accessories. Factory installed dual side mount spare wheel carriers, straight rear bumper, and rear luggage rack.

This exceptional example has been just professionally restored to top show standards using all original NOS parts, no Reproduction parts were used on this car. The restoration was a complete ground up nut and bolt job performed by Marque Specialists- well over $100,000.00 was spent on this car after acquisition. Since restoration the car has Received its 1st Junior and Senior in AACA judging and has been nominated for a National AACA Award. It placed at the Cincinnati Concours and finished 2nd in Class at the Prestigious Louisville Concours in a very difficult Class that included Packards and Lincolns.The most rigorous evaluation was the National Model A Restorers Club (MARC) Meet last June where this car received the highest award for authenticity and workmanship, the MARC of Excellence Award. The Henry Ford, Greenfield Village, Dearborn conducts an annual Old Car Festival for vehicles manufactured in 1932 and earlier. The 2011 event included over 700 vehicles and this Deluxe Roadster received the First Place award for cars 1930 through 1932 and the Grand Champion award for cars 1919 through 1932.

This is Arguably one of the Finest Model A's in the Country. If you are looking for the Best Model A Roadster you can find, here is your car!

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