1936 Desoto Airflow Coupe

The development of the Airflow began in 1928 and resulted with the introduction of the Chrysler and DeSoto automobiles in 1934. Although always intented to be a DeSoto only, the Chrysler model was an afterthought by Chrysler Corp. intended to reap more profit. Not only were Airflows the first autos designed as a result of wind tunnel testing of models, they also incorporated many improvements which are commonplace today. As a result, many believe that the Airflow made more significant contributions to the auto industry than any other auto in history.

In every year of production, Art Deco styling increased. in this 1936 model, the very last year of production, note the art deco grill, the door handles, the running board mouldings, the sunburst wheels, the cloisonne emblems, and the deep cushion of the seats. One writer has said that the 1936 DeSoto Airflow grill mimics the design of the Chrysler Building. This was the third and last year of the DeSoto Airflow production. Of the 4,970 Model S-2s produced in 1936, only 250 were fastback streamlined coupes. This is one of only six known by the Airflow Club of America to have survived.

This coupe can be traced back to 1972. It was the first Airflow owned by an early club member, now deceased, who would eventually restore three other Airflows. He was heard to say that, although he repainted the car, had it reupholstered in the original pattern and rechromed the brightwork, the cast iron grill retains the original chrome finish. An extremely rare feature of this car is the working factory tachometer in the lower half of the speedometer cluster. No other has ever been found by Airflow Club members.

This rare coupe won an AACA second place trophy in 2005 as well as a similar award at the 2005 Airflow Club National Meet. It starts quickly and easily, runs smoothly without any smoke. Drives well, and stops efficiently. With repainting of some body areas, it would certainly garner a first place. The undercarriage has been cleaned and painted and the engine detailed.

This very rare coupe could be used as a driver, a show car, or a museum piece, whatever the new owner's delight. It is not an ordinary Airflow, if it could be said that any Airflow is "ordinary." It will be appreciated by a collector whose taste can only be satisfied by owning one of the world's rarest and most unique Airflows.

Serial # - 5091863, 89,890 miles presumed to be original

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Asking $58,000

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