1946 Cadillac Sedanette Custom

"The Radillac"

Why buy a parts car? The Seller, a seasoned Pre War Car Collector and restorer never did. He ignored this advice of fellow old car buffs during 20 years of restoring the same number of his favourite antique cars - Classics to British Sport cars. Several years ago he succumbed and agreed that a parts car was an important resource. As usual with old car guys he went overboard and bought two of them. Only one came home, plus enough extra parts to fill a garage.

His restoration - a rough and ready 1947 Cadillac Sedanette tour car project commanded every spare part, except the rusted and mangled parts car body. Although missing the rear fenders it was too `perfect' to throw away. His solution - use it to build a radical custom lead-sled. It would be a challenge comparable to building a regular old car and became a winter project.

As it came together The Seller grew more excited and more in love with the radical custom Cadillac car -  dubbing it his `Radillac'. Sharing the fun with his antique car buddies The Seller's enthusiasm turned to shock when even the most traditional amongst them had a custom or hot rod car somewhere in their background.

Radillac added to Bernie's old car restoration experience and created friendships with experts who taught him a new dimension to the old car hobby. Together they created a wonderful car with its own individual personality that only  customizing a car  can achieve. Scheduling the project was as  satisfying and precise as any restoration.

Foremost among The Seller's new Radillac buddies was Duke Brown, the Master Builder who professionally spearheaded the project and supported each phase, designing its integrated features. Garage chums included Richard Shortt Ace Mechanic, Raoul Botonarro a fine trimmer, and Bruce Willis, the dedicated automotive electrician who battled through snow to help. Capable adaptable assistants who answered Bernie’s calls were bodyman John McGuire, machinist, Steve Kolody, and polisher Dave McKeogh.

It took two years to finish both car projects and comparing Cadillac and Radillac is eye-popping.

This was taken from a feature article on the Radillac which appeared in Street Rodder Magazine


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          C H A S S I S                          
Frame/Manufacturer---------1947 Cadillac with `77 Camaro in
                           front of firewall
Modifications--------------door & trunk latches shaved
Rear end------- -----------81 Impala, 10 bolt
Rear suspension------------`47 Cadillac inverted springs                    
Front suspension ----------`77 Camaro coil and shocks
Front brakes---------------`77 Camaro disc brakes
Master Cylinder-------------Firebird, dual chamber
Steering Box---------------`77 Camaro
Steering Column------------Transam, tilts and retracts
Front & Rear wheels-------- 8”x15 American Racing
Front tire size-------------205/60/15 black walls
Rear tire size--------------225/70/15 black walls
Gas tank-------------------stock `47 Cadillac, 18 gallons
E N G I N E & T R A N S M I S S I O N

Year and make-------------- 1974 Cadillac Eldorado               
Displacement---------------500 Cubic Inch
Mechanical Assembly-------Richard Shortt
Water pump-----------------G.M. stock
Cooling Fan----------------G.M. stock, clutch activated
Alternator-----------------G.M. 94 amp.
Valve covers---------------plated
Shifter--------------------Automatic on column
Driveshaft-----------------modified `74 Cadillac
Exhaust/mufflers-----------2 1/2” Custom pipes 
Transmission---------------TH 400


Body style/material-------`47 Cadillac/steel tudor
Body Manufacturer---------Fisher Body Company
Body Modifications--------6” lowering/top chopped 3”
Grille--------------------`41 Cadillac
Body Builder--------------Duke Brown
Hood----------------------decked from `47 Cadillac
Radiator------------------custom 3” core
Paint color/type----------ICI Basecoat Clear/Dark Montana Blue
Headlights----------------`55 Ford/frenched
Taillights----------------modified long, thin horizontal
Fenderskirts---------------`48 Olds forced to cruiser style
Bumpers--------------------custom front and rear from a small
                           section of `47 Cadillac
Polishing by---------------Dave Koegh
Body work by---------------John McGuire


Dashboard-----------------`47 Cadillac/modified/vinyl covered
Gauges--------------------V.D.O. instruments
Stereo/speakers-----------Alpine with 4 speakers

Seats/front---------------`88 Cadillac Buckets
Carpet -------------------Gray pile
Upholstery by-------------Raoul Bottonero
Material/colour-----------gray wool stiped/stock
Air Conditioning----------Vintage Air
Electric wiring by-------- Bruce Willis
Seat Belts-----------------Cadillac



Asking $60,000.

Reasonable Offers Considered.


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