1957 Lincoln Premiere Convertible

Asking $89,500.

Reasonable Offers Encouraged

Location: San Francisco
VIN #:57WA41843L
Engine:6 ltr V8
Power:300 HP
Mileage:79000 ORIGINAL


Lincoln is an American luxury car manufacturer, operated under the Ford Motor Company. Founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland and acquired by Ford in 1922, Lincoln has been manufacturing vehicles intended for the upscale markets since the 1920s. Leland named the brand after his longtime hero Abraham Lincoln, for whom he had voted in the first presidential elections for which he was eligible

The company was founded in August 1917 by Henry M. Leland, one of the founders of Cadillac (originally the Henry Ford Company). He left the Cadillac division of General Motors during World War I and formed the Lincoln Motor Company to build Liberty aircraft engines with his son Wilfred. After the war, the company's factories were retooled to manufacture luxury automobiles.

The company encountered severe financial troubles during the transition, coupled with body styling that wasn't comparable to other luxury makers, and after having produced only 150 cars in 1922, was forced into bankruptcy and sold for USD $8,000,000 to the Ford Motor Comany on February 4 1922, which went to pay off some of the creditors. The purchase of Lincoln was a personal triumph for Henry Ford, who had been forced out of his second (after Detroit Automobile Company) company by a group of investors led by Leland. Ford's company, renamed Cadillac in 1902 and purchased by rival General Motors in 1909, was Lincoln's chief competitor. Lincoln quickly became one of America's top selling luxury brands alongside Cadillac and Packard. Not wanting his son Edsel, who had lots of revolutionary ideas, bothering him at the Ford Plant, Henry installed Edsel as the Chief of the Lincoln division. Here Edsel was able to pursue all his grandest ideas with relative autonomy, it is rumored no separate books were kept for the Lincoln Division. It is also rumored that Lincoln frequently lost money on the cars it built, building them to a higher standard than what the marketplace would bear.

The Lincoln Premiere was produced in both 2 and 4 door versions both seating 6 people. A limousine version was also offered, which had the same wheelbase as the sedan version, but its cabin extended further back, allowing for more space for rear passengers. The limousine version also had a division window. The Premiere was sold in the 1956 to 1960 model years, inclusive, and was positioned below the company's Continental and above the Capri. The vehicle featured a 6.0 L V8 and was approximately 223" long. The vehicle weighed 4357 lb and had a price tag of approximately $4,600 in 1956, which equals roughly $31,730 in 2005 dollars.

The Premiere was known for its stylish exterior, high-grade interior and some unique features. For example, when equipped with optional "factory air conditioning," the vents were located overhead, much like those in an aircraft. The cool air was directed to the roof via a pair of clear plastic ducts visible through the rear window at each side, connecting upward from the rear package tray.

Only 3676 convertibles were built in 1957, making this one of the lowest production cars of the late 50's.

This car is a 79,000 original mile car with many original features. Purchased new on August 5, 1957 at Van Etta Motors on Van Ness Ave in San Francisco by Helen Williams, the car was driven by Ms Williams until her death in 1991. Since then it has been in a collection in the area. In the early 90's the car was repainted and the interior was redone in its original color scheme. Of course on going maintenance was performed on the car throughout its life, and, in 2007 the original top was replaced. In the past year the Steering Gear, Transmission, Suspension, Radiator, Water Pump and Hydraulic Top system were rebuilt. The car runs and drives exceptionally well, and is ready for your next Tour, as well as being quite showworthy. It did trophy at the Marin Sonoma Concours earlier this year.

Included in the sale are the Original Pink Slip, Owners Manual, Original Key Tag with Initials HW, service manuals and literature, service records, and other interesting historical tidbits and photos.


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