Scripps Booth 1915 Roadster & 1917 Cloverleaf

This car has been sold

Location: Indiana
VIN #:
Transmission:3 Speed Manual

Scripps-Booth was a United States automobile company based in Detroit, Michigan, which produced motor vehicles from 1913 through 1923 The company was founded by artist and engineer James Booth (of the Scripps publishing family), who also built the Bi-Autogo. Scripps Booth company produced vehicles intended for the luxury market. In 1916 they consolidated with the Sterling Motor Company to become the Scripps-Booth Corporation. By this time Scripps Booth had been purchased by Chevrolet whose founder, William C. Durant, was also the founding president of Sterling Motor Company. General Motors discontinued the brand name in 1923.

For 1914, Scripps Booth offered a three-passenger torpedo roadster, powered by a 103 cu in 18 hp watercooled four cylinder of valve-in-head design(very sophisticated for the period), with Zenith carburetor and Atwater-Kent automatic spark advance. It featured a 110 in wheelbase and 30×3½-inch Houk detachable wire wheels, with three speeds and (still a rarity then) shaft drive.With complete electrical equipment, from Bijur starter to ignition (on a separate switch from starter) to headlights to Klaxet electric horn (with a button in the steering hub, rather than a bulb) to pushbutton door locks,it sold for US$775, compared to US$700 for the Ford Model S (new in 1909), US$650 for the high-volume Oldsmobile Runabout,Ford's Model T at $550, Western's Gale Model A at US$500, the Black starting as low as $375,and the Success at an amazingly low US$250.

Light Years ahead of his time James Scripps Booth was an advocate of Lightweight smaller cars, and intended his cars for use as more around town cars for use by his wealthy clientelle who often had numerous cars in their stable. His cars were extremely innovative and advanced and had numerous firsts for the industry on them.

Less than 20 Scripps Booths are known to exist.

Offered here are 2 nearly completed cars that have undergone ground up restorations. They really only need final Assembly, all mechanicals have been completely overhauled, all plating has been accomplished, the interiors are finished and the paint work is complete.

First we have a 1917 Cloverleaf Roadster featuring the 4 cylinder motor mentioned above- THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD TO A SCRIPPS COLLECTOR IN ENGLAND.

The Boattail Speedster is an extremely rare V8 car and is again ready for final assembly. This is a Unique car. Only one of these was built (which didnt survive) for use in racing and trials and the body has been correctly duplicated. This will make someone one heck of a little car, as its power to weight ratio will be pretty phenominal. You wont get the chance to buy this one again I have a feeling.


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