Significant Cars has been changing the way collector cars find new homes for nearly 20 years.


We firmly believe the Showroom of the future is a Virtual Showroom. Many old line dealers are now scrambling to compete with the services we provide to our Seller clients, but most still cling to the Big Showroom business model, requiring you to send your car to them to be displayed in their showroom. We have purposely kept our overhead low in order to keep our commission rate low, something a dealer with the Big Showroom overhead simply cannot do. We do not need your car here in our showroom in order to sell it. You keep your car safe and sound in your garage until it sells and you are paid. The buyer typically pays to ship the car, so your out of pocket expenses are quite low when working with Significant Cars.

We act as Seller’s Agents and work hard for you to ensure you get full market value for your car. We believe in complete transparency- you will always know what your car sold for, and how much we make.

With our many years experience and involvement in the Hobby, we know what the market will bear for just about any collector car. Feel free to call us for an honest assessment of your cars value and marketability, or simply submit your car for review and we will be in touch with you in short order.



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